Pemilik Xbox Series X mengeluh tentang masalah pemutaran UHD Blu-ray

Owners of Xbox Series X consoles are reporting issues with playback of triple-layer 100GB UHD Blu-ray discs and noisy disc drives. The playback error has persisted for months.

Xbox Series X disc woes

Xbox Series X is not just a game console. It is also a media player with a built-in UHD Blu-ray drive. Unfortunately, owners are experiencing widespread issues as detailed in a lengthy Reddit thread and highlighted by PureXbox. - "For those who don't know, movies on 4K Blu-ray are usually printed on 2 different kinds of discs, a dual-layer 66GB disc, or a triple-layer 100GB disc," reddit user Ketamine-Kev wrote. "However, if you put a 100GB 4K disc in (which, at this point, a decent amount of 4K Blu-rays are), the Xbox completely shits out. For me, it plays everything at 1 - 2 fps with no audio, which pretty much results in taking minutes to get through the opening studio logo which is like 10 seconds at best." The playback issue related to 100GB discs seems to have persisted for months, most likely since the launch of the console in late 2020. The Lord of the Rings and Tenet were mentioned as two discs that cause playback issues. A full list of UHD Blu-ray releases in BD100 can be found on here.